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Accompaniment to Medical Appointments

Many of my patients do not like going to doctor’s appointments alone. As a patient’s advocate I can accompany you to your doctor’s appointments. This can be everything from sitting in the waiting room, to helping you fill out forms, to full interaction with the doctor depending on your needs. This also allows me to be your stand in answering some questions as I know what the doctor is looking for. Additionally if I have prepared your medical history I can quickly and easily provide that information to the doctor. This removes the fear that you will forget to mention something important, or forget to ask about something that is bothering you. By being your advocate I can make sure we get through everything on your agenda.

Due to my years of experience in nursing and as a patient's advocate I can work with you to make sure all your questions are answered, and that your doctor has discussed all areas of treatment. By asking the questions you do not know to ask I ensure you receive the highest quality of care, and are properly educated on all your treatment options. This allows you to make an informed decision on any health care decisions you need to make.

A skilled patient’s advocate can be a very strong help when dealing with both short and long term treatment options. Other times it is just nice to have someone there with you.






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