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Hospice Services

If you or a loved one are in need of hospice services it can be a difficult time. There are many questions you may have, and not all hospices offer the same quality of services. Many hospices focus on pain management and symptom control to help ease the discomfort experienced by their patients. For other patients there are other ongoing treatments that need to be managed. It can be vital at this time to make sure that all treatments are properly coordinated to avoid any drug interactions or problems that could worsen your condition.

As a patient’s advocate I can help you by researching and reviewing your available hospice options. Additionally I can review your medical history, and your treatment plan. By ensuring you have a proper pain management plan, and that all care is taken I can help you ensure this time is as painless as possible. Whether you are entering a hospice facility or have a home hospice option I can help you transition through this difficult time. I can work with you to ensure you have the best treatment available to you, and stand by you through every stage of the process.

While this can be a very difficult time for individuals and families, a strong patient’s advocate making sure everything is done correctly can help ease that burden.






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