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Medical Records Discussion

Often when you see your doctor the first questions they are going to ask is what brings you to the office today. As you describe your symptoms their knowledge and experience is allowing him to narrow down all the possible ailments that could be affecting you to the most likely candidates. From there they will make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Your doctor likely does not have time to have reviewed your full medical history, and the questions the nurses asked may have gaps that could prove very important to your diagnosis. This is where I can come in to assist you and the doctor. First I will collect and personally review your medical history. From there I organize your medical information into a chronological, bulleted report including all medications you are currently taking. This includes both over the counter as well as prescription medication. By having this vital information easily available when you visit your doctor you do not have to worry about forgetting to mention a medication you have been taking, or an illness you suffered several years ago. This allows you to more quickly and easily give this vital information to your doctor.

This also allows you to to have much more educated discussions with your doctor on your individual health treatment options. You are better educated on your own medical history as you can see exactly what you were diagnosed with and proscribed historically. By being able to provide your doctor more information, there is a better chance they will be able to correctly diagnose the real underlying issue. By having your medical history readily at hand, you may be able to recognize recurrence of illnesses early. Rather than telling your doctor “I do not feel well, I think I am suffering from the same thing I had a couple years ago, but cannot remember the name”, you would be able to directly pinpoint what illness you suffered and when including what you were proscribed that made you feel better.

Finally, I can review your medical history with you to discuss any treatment options your doctor may recommend. By working with you to review your medical history I can help you be a more educated patient. This allows you to ask the right questions to your doctor to ensure the treatment recommended is right for you.






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